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Thank you for considering me for the job you had in mind!

If you’re interested in hiring me, please contact me first. I can help out with a number of things, so hopefully you will find a good match. Plus I’m super friendly and love connecting with lots of people!

Please make sure to read each section carefully, especially the ‘Disclaimers’ section.

For more info on my CV, portfolio, CPD and recommendations, you can find me on LinkedIn.

The services I currently offer are:

  • Proofreading. £0.25/word.
  • Copy-editing. £0.30/word.
  • Typesetting. £10/hour. (Typesetting manuscripts for print, not heavily illustrated, no cover design).
  • Translations (ITA – ENG). £10/hour.
  • Admin work. £10/hour.
  • Beta reading. £75 flat fee.
  • I am open to negotiating flat fees for longer projects.

Skills and experience:

  • Member of CIEP.
  • ACA-qualified in Adobe InDesign.
  • Professionally trained in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Bilingual (ITA-ENG).
  • Database and CMS management experience (FileMaker Pro, Biblio, WordPress, Twitter).
  • Worked on zines, anthologies and fiction manuscripts. I have typeset for amazon direct publishing.

I specialise in:

  • SFF
  • YA
  • Queer literature
  • Anthologies and short stories
  • Graphic novels
  • Academic articles and literary criticism
  • Some non-fiction
  • I’m happy venturing outside of my comfort zone on an ad hoc basis.

Current and previous clients include:

  • Knight Errant Press
  • Inkandescent
  • The Spare Room/Zoom Project
  • Project Nightdrive
  • The Comics Grid Academic Journal
  • Symbola Comics
  • Literary Natives
  • Aracne Editrice S.r.l.
  • The Publishing Post
  • Ta Voix

I you can’t or don’t wish to hire me at the moment, you can also support me on ko-fi.



* Every job will be regulated by a contract. If you do not provide me with one, I will send you one within one calendar week from the day of agreement. I reserve my right to negotiate and make amendments to the contract.
* Please provide a brief when you get in touch with me.
* Please note that I do not guarantee your manuscript will be accepted by publishing houses. I am not an agent, nor am I representing a publishing house. I am only offering my own personal advice and suggestions, which you are free to leave or take. You will be able to see all comments and decide which to take on board or not. My advice is in no way definitive.
* If enquiring about design jobs, please note that I will not proofread your text. If you wish your manuscript to be proofread as well, that is a separate job with a separate cost. You can order proofreading and design services together, but please do note that I will consequently take longer to fulfil the order as I will have more to work on. Make sure you leave ample time for your project.
* I reserve the right to turn down offers for personal reasons.
* It is your own responsibility to have cleared copyright for any assets you ask me to use.
* You will cover any extra costs arising as part of the project (e.g. special fonts, stock images, licenses etc.).
* Before finalising a job, I will send you multiple updates and a final preview. You will have the chance to make small changes and amendments in these instances. If by the end you change your idea completely, please note that I will treat it as a new job altogether, expect payment for the work I have already completed, and provide you with a new quote.
* Extensive changes will incur extra charges.
* Late payments will incur extra fees.
* If you call off the job after I started working on it, I will still expect payment for the work I have completed, priced at my standard rate per hour (£10/hour). If I have completed 70% of the work, I will expect payment in full.
* Emergency jobs on a short notice and deadline may incur extra charges.
* I don’t offer refunds. As I will provide multiple updates and previews, you would have been able to point out anything you don’t like several times. Please do make sure to look through updates and previews carefully to avoid disappointment later on.