Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts – May 28, 2020

I decided to join this meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous because it seemed like a great opportunity to connect with you readers on a more… personal level. The meme, from what I understand – only asks bloggers to talk about anything that is going on in their minds and lives. So I took this an opportunity to talk a bit about who I am and how I live beyond book reviews!

  1. I had the amazing opportunity to write the alt-text for a short comic illustrating the issues faced by the blind community while social distancing. So glad I could help. You can find the comic right here! Please read it (or listen to it!): it carries an extremely important message about kindness and community.
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  2. This week has been so intense in terms of online webinars/conventions and I have a few more lined up for the rest of the month and June. Most notably, the SYP Southwest’s Publishing for Everyone Online convention today, and the Nibbies (The British Book Awards) on June 29th! I’m taking a lot of cool masterclasses and employability courses to keep myself active and continue learning. I thought you might be interested in joining them too, so I listed and linked them below! And do share: have you been following any webinars or courses? Which ones? I’m so curious to know!
  3. Indie publishers are going through an incredibly tough time right now. The Covid pandemic has hit them the hardest. If you can, please donate to Inclusive Indies! Click on the link and show your support for these bastions of diversity and inclusivity. And if you’re not in a position to donate right now, share it with a friend or four. Or ten.
  4. My mum and I managed to go shopping together for the first time in months. We were so excited for it, but unfortunately it wasn’t a great experience. While I’m extremely happy everyone wore a mask and acted responsibly, the organisation leaves much to be desired. Shops are limiting the amount of people allowed inside – rightly so – but some have developed almost a psychosis for social distancing. For instance, my mum approached a clerk to ask for information, and the clerk screamed at us for not respecting social distancing… with the people who came in after us and were standing behind us. Big ????????? Especially when the moment you walk out of the shop, you see people crowding on escalators and benches. There isn’t a lot of risk involved when everyone is wearing a mask and sanitising their hands frequently. Fear and paranoia are not substitutes for good common sense and responsibility.
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  5. The NightDrive Anthology has its list of writers and is now steadily moving along! I’m so, so excited to be working with so many talented people and creatives. NightDrive presents a fresh concept and interpretation of the cyberpunk genre, focusing on the wholesome and the positive amidst dystopian contexts. Curious? Why don’t you give it a look and follow us? You can find the official Twitter page right here.
  6. Is it just me or… recently there has been an influx of Middle-Eastern/Oriental-themed fantasy? Perhaps I see more titles because I am actively looking for them, but I am so ENORMOUSLY GLAD this trend is taking wing! Huzzah diversity and inclusiveness! I’m so ready for it! Up on my TBR list, after An Ember in the Ashes, now is Twelve Kings.
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  7. My Fiverr account is live, wohoo! Do give it a look if you’re considering hiring a proofreader, or visit my hire page on this blog.
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  8. I’m still playing The Witcher III and I think I found a Doctor Who Easter Egg: Weeping Angels. So cool, creepy and unexpected!
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  9. On that note, I managed to acquire a digital copy of The Tower of Fools by Andrzej Sapkowski (the author of The Witcher books). I only have two months to read it and a small pile of TBR books already waiting for me, so this will be interesting. I think the book, the first of a trilogy, was originally published in the early 2000s, but is only reaching us now because of the success of The Witcher. Very eager to dive into it and see how it compares to The Witcher! (I know you shouldn’t do that, buuuuut…) I’ll check with the publisher, Gollancz, if I am allowed to publish a review on here – it should be alright, I think the book officially came out last week or so? Always good to double-check though.

That was my week! How was yours? Feel free to share in the comments!


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