Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts – May 21, 2020

I decided to join this meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous because it seemed like a great opportunity to connect with you readers on a more… personal level. The meme, from what I understand – only asks bloggers to talk about anything that is going on in their minds and lives. So I took this an opportunity to talk a bit about who I am and how I live beyond book reviews!

  1. I was able to see my grandparents last week! I hadn’t been able to see them since Christmas. I could only visit them for two days, but we had a great time. Also got a chance to pet their cat, Socks, and her two-month-old kittens! I hope I’ll be able to see all of them soon.
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  2. Speaking of kittens, my mum and I are so excited about the kitten we adopted two weeks ago. She is still too small to leave her mother, but we’re getting weekly pictures, videos and updates. We got some videos yesterday and out hearts just melted. She’s so tiny!! We’re getting ready to welcome her in August and then I’ll figure out a way to bring her into the UK. It’s such a shame the UK is so against pets and makes it really hard for their owners to travel. Anyway, I’ll figure it out. We got Toffee in the hope she will help me with my mental health, so I will do everything I can to take her with me.
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  3. Since I brought up mental health… oof. This past week hasn’t been great. I have been following a lot of employability webinars and took on board their advice; I put so much effort into my last two job applications. Both were rejected. I thought I had developed a thick skin for rejections (I have been searching for a job in publishing), but receiving them in the midst of a pandemic that has left me anxious and struggling… I’ve been getting rejections for so long – despite all my studies and qualifications. I’d like it if someone gave me a chance. It’s hard right now, but I remain hopeful for the future. I know my time to shine will come – I just hope it’ll be soon.
  4. On that note, I have set up a Fiverr and an Upwork account for freelance work! I’m accepting job requests via email as well – more info here – but I’m excited to be opening up my job pool and get to work on lots of projects! I’m currently offering proofreading and typesetting/design services for books, zines, magazines, articles/essays and pamphlets. I hope this will be a chance for me to keep my skills sharp while learning even more things.
  5. On that note, I am taking part in Project NightDrive – a steampunk anthology – and “Creating in Quarantine” Zine! Things are moving forward and I’m excited to play a part in bringing these projects to life.
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  6. I spend the mornings sitting in the sun on our tiny balcony, reading, until lunchtime. I’ve developed a tan! It’s shaped like my shirt. The other day I was looking at myself in the mirror in the morning and noticed a black spot on the back of my neck. I thought I had gotten dirty somehow – but how, I had just woken up – and instead it was just a really dark tan (for my skin tone)!
  7. I’ve been playing The Witcher III in quarantine. Despite its bugs, it’s still a beautiful, immersive game to lose myself into. It helps me shut my brain off for a few hours. I would love if they made a new Witcher game with Ciri as the protagonist – and kept it queer! Have you played it? What are you playing in quarantine?
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  8. Really sad and heartbroken to hear about the Zoom incident that happened during Myriad’s last online launch. Truly horrifying experience. I hope everyone is ok and that they will be able to get assistance if they need it. Zoom must do something about their security system; allowing such things to circulate on their network is scandalous and unacceptable.
  9. Indie publishers are going through an incredibly tough time right now. The Covid pandemic has hit them the hardest. If you can, please donate to Inclusive Indies! Click on the link and show your support for these bastions of diversity and inclusivity. And if you’re not in a position to donate right now, share it with a friend or four. Or ten.

That was my week! How was yours? Feel free to share in the comments!


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